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Quality Assurance

We have a state of the art plant with sophisticated automatic Juki single needle plain stitch, single needle button machine, juki over lock machines, juki belt making, kansai elastic attach, blind stitch machines, button hole, button attach, flat lock machine, juki bartek machine, stream press etc. We are in tie up with India’s most advanced fabric suppliers. In other words, our infrastructure is robust & ensures the best results for our clients.

Moreover, we are based out of the Manchester of India -Bhilwara This small town that accounts for the major bulk of suiting fabric in India and most parts of world holds some distinct localization advantages, like cheaper and ready availability of quality raw material and skilled work force. It also has locational advantages of being near the major cities like New Delhi and Jaipur.

Lastly, owing to our long business heritage spanning generations, we adhere strictly to time honored business principles of fairness and professionalism, accurate and prudent financial management and an unflinching devotion to quality. We firmly believe that unless we ensure the profitability and peace of mind of our client, our own business cannot flourish.

Meaning Of Hygienic:

  • No Skin disease to student and other users.
  • Less Polluted Environment.
  • Awareness of Hygienic Freshness.
  • No Formation of odors (Bad Smell causing bacteria and fungi)
  • Rich Color Fastness.
  • Similar Look of Uniform color due to dyes.
  • High Durability.